“Where my song is sung,
where there is hope,
where I see the me
that is yet to come.”

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Where dreams are born

                        “The media’s power is frail. Without the people’s support, it can be shut off with the ease of turning a light switch.”         Corazon Aquino


Why they don't like our TV.

The "Nintendo children are different”.

All we notice is the short attention span. We fail to realize that this under-30 generation thinks, and sees the world, in ways entirely different from their parents. Their brains are wired differently: It’s a generation that grew up on video games ("twitch speed"), and MTV (more than 100 images a minute). Their brains process information faster than we do.

Parallel Processing vs. Linear Processing

They’re doing homework while watching TV and doing almost everything at the same time. Today’s television is radio. Speedwise, today’s television programs are depressants. And we wonder why they're bored with our TV.

Patience versus pay-off: “Get to the point.”    

They have a huge intolerance for things that don't pay off immediately. They have neither the time nor patience to sit around for something to unravel. And, being more technically adept, they use the best editing machine in the world, the zapper – with impunity.  

School is about relationships rather than just learning. McCann’s Youth Study reveals that three-fourths of all students love school, but are doing less school work, less studying. Their attention is on the other things happening around them. Marketing to this unique segment requires a deeper understanding of what drives them.


So many channels and nothing to watch.

The Smart Mob.

There are 9 million-odd high school and college students in the country.

They’re linked, networked, empowered, and they swarm. They’re never alone in whatever they do or buy.

They make things happen. The country isn’t the texting capital of the world because of the general population; and EDSA II wouldn’t have happened without students as spark plugs. They’re early adopters and heavy users. Buying products nobody has heard of, listening to music you’ll won’t hear on your station, or watching programs still under the radar.

They can pledge allegiance to your brand -- or your competitors’ -- for life.      

Softdrink companies know this well.

But it is a market that is relatively unmapped, usually bundled together with others as “the youth”. Students are a completely separate target market and should be treated as such.

Their viewing habits don’t even fit into primetime as defined by the regular networks. Simply stated, they’re not watching television the way we are.

UniversiTV: “Not your parents’ television.”

Introducing a channel all students watch.

A venue to voice out their thoughts, ideals and concerns, showcase their talents, air their work. It’s their podium: It will accept their productions, pictures, recordings.

UniversiTV broadcasts what’s important to them: campus activities, school fairs, rallies, concerts, schedules of exams, and other announcements.

UniversiTV owns signed pledges of support from administrators and student leaders of universities and colleges -- and the list grows longer daily.

Designed for their way of watching.

The programming is designed differently, with Sesame Street-sized information. We cram, so we don’t bore them. And since they are connected, we lead them to other sources for depth and breadth.

Content is about them: their lives, problems, issues, covered and tackled by young people.

If you need to talk to the young, if you have identified students as a target market for your message, product or cause, you would do well to consider UniversiTV as a platform.


“Being more technically adept, they use the best editing machine in the world, the zapper – with impunity.”

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